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Dr. Nathan Torbick participates in international NASA Land-Cover/Land-Use Change meeting


For one week last month, Applied GeoSolution’s own Dr. Torbick attended an international meeting in Myanmar put on by NASA’s Land-Cover/Land-Use Change (LCLUC) program along with other academics, governmental employees, NGO workers, stakeholders, and remote sensing experts from the private sector.  With a quarter of the world’s population and the fastest rate of population growth, South Asia is seeing rapid change in land use from forest to agriculture to residential and urban.   The meeting was planned around the aims of monitoring agriculture and water resources, forest cover, urbanization, and land-atmosphere interactions in this dynamic region.  Dr. Torbick prepared a presentation outlining multiscale rice mapping in South Asia and the USA as well as a rice greenhouse gas modeling application in Red River Delta, Vietnam.  Dr. Torbick also conducted training on new remote sensing and SAR-optical data fusion for mapping LCLUC and plantations at the University of Yangon.