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Applied Geosolutions’ Hagen and Ledoux travelled to Ghana

In mid-July, Applied Geosolutions’ Steve Hagen and Lindsay Ledoux travelled to Kumasi, Ghana. In Ghana, forests are being converted to other land covers such as cocoa, oil palm and rubber plantations. This environmental degradation is causing both social and economic impacts in Ghana. AGS and Winrock International have been assisting the Ghana Forestry Commission in an effort to account for and reduce carbon emissions. While in Kumasi, Dr. Hagen, Ms. Ledoux and a member of Winrock worked to implement tools such as GIPS (geospatial image processing system) and trained members of the Ghana Forestry Commission to use satellite data so that they could monitor deforestation and forest degradation. This will enable Ghana to create land cover maps on their own in the future, so that they may identify trends and create consistent maps.