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Applied GeoSolutions contributes to GEOGLAM Crop Monitor

The Group on Earth Observation Global Agricultural Monitoring Initiative (GEOGLAM) was established to strengthen agricultural information and food security. GEOGLAM improves upon current monitoring programs at national, regional and global levels by using transparent and robust data from Space Agencies, coordinated standards, and local partners. The Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) Crop Monitor uses satellites and agro-climatic conditions to collect crop growing conditions for wheat, maize, rice, and soybeans in main agricultural producing regions of AMIS countries. The Early Warning Crop Monitor was developed after the success of the AMIS Crop Monitor and it develops quick assessments of crop conditions in countries in need of food security. Every month, the crop monitor publishes reports which include maps and summaries of the crop conditions as of the 28th of the month per crop type or region. Support and funding for GEOGLAM and the Crop Monitor come from many international governments and organizations as well as NASA and USDA. Applied GeoSolutions is applying its RiceDSS technology and contributing to the Early Warning Crop Monitor by reporting rice conditions in Southeast Asia. RiceDSS, developed in part with funding from the NASA SBIR program, is a proprietary technology developed by Applied GeoSolutions that applies operational algorithms using multi-source (SAR and Optical) remote sensing to create products for near time maps of rice extent and rice crop growth stage.

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