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OpTIS Indiana Pilot Project Completed

Applied GeoSolutions recently completed a state-wide demonstration of the Operational Tillage Information System (OpTIS): a system that primarily relies on satellite observations to map winter cover crops, crop residue cover dynamics and tillage systems over large agricultural regions. The AGS team, led by Stephen Hagen, collaborated with the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) to complete a Pilot Project in Indiana to map tillage systems and cover cropping over the last 10 years at watershed, county, and state scales. The final report summarizes how OpTIS works, provides details on tillage practices and cover cropping trends at various scales, and outlines the performance of the OpTIS system.  Funding for this project was provided by: USDA Climate Change Program Office, Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Monsanto, John Deere, Soil Health Partnership, Indiana Soybean Alliance, and Indiana Corn Marketing Council.

For more information about OpTIS, please visit the website at: