About Us

Our Vision at Applied GeoSolutions (AGS) is to foster innovation and become the partner of choice to take applications to scale, track impacts, and help build the business case for sustainable production and resilient resource management. We work with partners at early development stages as well as scaling operational systems. Our near-term Mission is to build and deploy our dashboard toolkits for our core applications to support decision making. We are leaders in the development of geospatial Decision Support Tools and the design and operation of Measurement, Reporting, and Verification platforms. We take raw data and transform into resource intelligence.
Our Head Quarters is located Durham, New Hampshire, USA adjacent to Great Bay. Our brand new, 8,000 square foot facility is walking distance to town and the University of New Hampshire. We started AGS in 2000 to use cutting edge geospatial technologies in the real world. We have grown our full time core staff to include software engineers, data scientists, statisticians, remote sensors and crop modelers, engineers, business developers and resource specialists. Our products and services span thematic applications and range from small research efforts to large operational platforms. A niche we fill is spanning the bridges from academic research to government operations to commercial needs. We are small and nimble but by using today's technology we can tackle the largest global challenges.
Reach out for a discovery call to learn more about our capabilities, products & services. We can do it.